‘Rollacosta’ a unique concept of Rolls & Shawarma co-founded by Manav Shital & Niti Agarwal in 2012. Since its inception, ‘Rollacosta’ has become a talking point for the consumers because the brand provides new experiences and opportunities on so many different levels. Unprecedented growth and the success is due to its focus on quality, customer obsession, and strong relationship and mutual trust with franchise partners. The brand is expanding in all the major cities in India.

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Tried Crispy Chicken Shawarma and really liked that crispiness in every bite. The experience was nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. Worth it!

Prerna Keshav

This was my first time at Rollacosta. Fabulous taste, awesome service, they made my evening.

Shah Rukh Shaikh

If you are Shawarma lover, you can’t miss on this place. They have a wide variety in every category, also the packing was just perfect.


I had the best Shawarama in my life here. Every ingredient was fresh and perfect. Definitely visiting the store again and again.

Saumya Arora

Good sumptuous meal, all ingredients of great quality. Very efficient service. Must recommend the “Paneer Xcelerator Shawarma”.


Worth every penny! Staff was friendly and the food was above excellence! Next time if I wish to have a shawarma, Rollacosta is the place!

Amrita Bhosale

Experienced the best Rolls over here! The place stands up to its name “ROLLACOSTA”


10/10 for lip-smacking Shawarmas and Rolls! Service is superb! Would definitely visit again and recommend to everyone.

Shalu Trehan

The rollas and sandwiches are absolute delight. The chicken and paneer is so fresh and juicy! Not only the food but service and ambience is also Superb.

Sanchita Gholap

The Food quality is awesome. I visited the place many times and every time had an amazing experience. The ambience is fantastic and not too over-exaggerated.

Soham Ballal